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Still Alive

As part of blogwalking, I stumbled upon a list of Indonesian blogs written in English. My eyes caught a reference to this blog (Gerakan Bawah Tanah or gbt). It was mentioned that this blog receives 10 visits a day. Ha ha ha. That low now? (It used to be hundreds and at one time, more than one thousand visit/day.) And, the interesting part is that this blog is still high on many lists, including Google page rank.

Let me assure you that I did not do any tinkering with this blog. No SEO stuff. I just write stuff (and not write lately for that matter). So, this is a real blog.

My only explanation (why this blog is still popular) is that this is an old blog. Meaning, it is an artifact - although, a live one. Thus, it has been (and is still) referenced by many people in their blogs. The links are still there (and alive). But, there's nothing wrong with that, right?

I guess I should update this blog more often ...


Astrid Dita said…
To lighten you up, Sir..
Here's the first comment on this post..

Heard a lot about the trend of famous blogger 'tapi fakir posting'.. :-D
budi said…
D**n. Don't want to be a fakir posting :)
cryptocodecg said…
you must post more often here :)

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