Wednesday, January 06, 2010

gmail invalid (expired) certificate

I have just opened my gmail mailbox using firefox and I was refused with an "untrusted connection". It is said that the site is untrusted and that the certificate is invalid. This is strange. I got scared. I was afraid that I typed the wrong URL (address) and got a malicious site. Phishing?

After browsing the internet I found out that the problem is with my system clock/date. When I booted the computer, it went to the CMOS setup (for some reasons). I guess I have to replace the CMOS battery. Anyway, I got my computer (Windows XP) to boot up. I didn't realize that the system date was messed up. It was set to 2006. (Now, it's 2010!)

I corrected the date and time. Everything is fine now. Firefox and gmail are now happy. Phew ...

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