Sunday, January 10, 2010

Too Many Distractions

My plan for today is marking students exams. Boy ... there's too many distractions.

I've got these new musical DVDs. I took sneak preview of those. Oh boy, they are so good that I want to watch them right now.

Then, I wanted to update my blogs. There are so many ideas floating around. I've got to capture them and write them down before they run away.

Then, books and stuff I wanted to read. Things I want to do (like cleaning up the pile of stuff in my desk).

Grrr... the timing is so perfect! Like they know that I have to work. Now they tease me. I just can't say no to them. What to do?

1 comment:

cryptocode said...

don't plan. when you start to plan, there goes the distraction :))