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what to do with multiple song files

I am in the process of cleaning my harddisk. It is getting full. One thing I notice is that my music (mp3) collection is not well organized. Well, it is sort of organized but not efficient. Here's a case.

I organize song according to the artis' album. What do you do with songs that are the same but distributed in different albums? For example, the song is in the original album and also in several compilations (the best of, collection of this and that, and so on). Do you keep multiple copies? Or do you just keep one? If you keep only one, in which album do you organize the song in? Right now, I keep multiple copies so that when I transfer an album (or compilation), I just copy one directory. This takes too much disk space.


senjamenyapa said…
i think there are two solutions for this problem

first, keep the songs in the album they first originally appeared in. for the compilations you can create and keep m3u files. so the songs don't have to be in the same place. the compilation albums folders get to keep only the previously unreleased ones or alternative versions.

deuxieme, keep the songs on your favorite or most played albums.
Sumodirjo said…
mp3 file size is small, keeping lots of similar copies won't hurt. unless you store lossless ripped CD (flac).

besides 2Tb external disk or NAS like drobo is cheap enough I think :)

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