Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Does Scale Matter in Design?

In terms of design theory (is there such a thing), does scale change the design methodology? Architecture? Let me give you examples.

If I want to design a 100-floor hotel, can I use the architecture of a 2-floor hotel and just stack it up 50 times? If I cannot, what makes it so (design-wise)?

If I want to design a 256-bit counter, can I use an 8-bit counter and replicate it 64 times? (Don't I need an architectural change?)

Is there architectural diference(s) for a software / application for 100 users and 1 million users?

Can anybody point me to a good reference on the effect of scale in engineering design?

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Dio Adi said...

dear Mr. Budi,

build a 100-floors building from a stack of fifty 2-floors building is such an impossible way.

first thing first, we know that each of design is suppose to be able to support a limited weight.
for example, 2-floors building can hold weight up to 100 tons.

If we stack another 49 same buildings on top of the first building that can hold only 100 tons weight, the first stack will be collapsed, and so the next stack.
what about a 100-floors design? it has been designed to handle the weight, isn't it?

and i think this theory would apply for any other design.