Sunday, November 28, 2010

My uptime

Yesterday my uptime was 20 hours, meaning I slept only four hours (actually less). I woke up at 4AM, since we were planning to go to Jakarta by 6AM. Then I went to sleep the next day at 1 AM. Between that I drove from Bandung to Jakarta, had a meeting in the morning after arrived in Jakarta, a presentation in the afternoon until evening, a wedding invitation in the evening, and drove back to Bandung. What a busy day.

So today, I was sleepy. But I had to wake up early because I had a soccer match at 8AM. So I woke up at 4AM (meaning I only slept 3 hours), did shalat Subuh (Fajr), slept for another 15 minutes or so, had breakfast, and off to the field at 7Am (must buy water in cup first). Then, we had a soccer match until 10AM. Arrived at home aroun 11-ish and had to do laundry (doing team jersey). Then, around noon went to a wedding invitation in Cimahi.

So now ... I am tired :)

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