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Path is gaining

I noticed that Path is gaining popularity in Indonesia at the expense of Facebook. The funny thing is, Path is not well known in the US. This just to show you that you'll never know why things happen in other parts of the world (in other culture).

Time and time again, I tried to encourage IT companies to put their foot in Indonesia. To smell the coffee here, as the saying goes. But these companies are locating elsewhere. The closest is Singapore. Heck. What are you doing? You won't get the cultural thing if you are not here.

You don't have to trust me. But don't go crying if your market share is declining in Indonesia.


vontho said…
what do you think about Multiply that came into Indonesia and then close their business here?
budi said…
I don't think the closing of Multiply has anything to do with ecommerce, though. Have a look at tokobagus or blibli and similar sites that actually provide marketplace for ecommerce. Not sure why the decision to close Multiply.
budi said…
on a related note, I still don't get the excitement in path. After using it for a while, I think I will deactivate my account. I know some people still love it (and swear by it), but not me.
Outbound said…
Is Path will be the next Facebook?
budi said…

That news talks about Path in Indonesia. 4 millions users!

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