Monday, July 22, 2013

Linux Music Player

I used to use Rhythmbox for my music player on my Linux desktop (currently it's a Linuxmint flavor). Then, for some reasons, Rhythmbox quits randomly. At first, I tolerated it, but after a while I was annoyed. Time to switch. I switched to Banshee.

And now Banshee is having the same problem, random quits. Time to switch, again! Aaarrrggghhh ...

There are several music players for Linux, but one feature that I need in my music player is the ability to scrobble to That's all.

Long time ago, I tried Songbird and liked it. Unfortunately, they stopped supporting Linux. Oh well. Fortunately, there is a fork. It's called Nightingale. And now, I am using it. It looks great (beautiful) and the most important thing ... I hope it does not crash randomly.

Keep my fingers crossed. And start populating it with songs ... chirping ...

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