Saturday, November 08, 2014

Tech Gadgets ARE social devices

Looking at various sites / blogs / forums, I read complaints that smartphones and all those tech gadgets are anti-social. Hmm ... This is ALL WRONG.

If you look closely, at the other end - and also using smartphones - are people. Not wall or dead objects. Human. They are socializing through smartphones. It's just that most people see they are talking to the device. No! They are communicating with another person (or persons) on the other side. The device is just, well, a device.

Now, have a look at those people who are travelling and reading books. Alone. By themselves. They are not talking to other people. So, who are the anti social?


Sumodirjo said...

True but only if you are alone so you need to communicate with family or friends via mobile device. What we see today is people hangout, meeting with friends even in cafe but they are busy with their own gadget. Why bother hangout with friends if you are focus on your gadget?

It even worse when a kid go with his/her parent and their parent is busy with their own gadget. This is wrong and we need to fix it. Use the gadget wisely :)

IndoHound said...

With a book you are never alone. You are communicating with the writer while being silent silent. It is like you remember your interaction with loved ones who are deceased.