Thursday, December 11, 2014

Lost in the emails

I have too many emails. Hundreds of emails daily. That's not counting spam mails. It's not that I think I am important. It's just that I've been using emails for too long. Since late 1987 or 1988, I think.

The problem is that most mail readers currently cannot handle this situation. I ended up with cases of lost emails. Somebody sent me an email and I did not reply right away because there was more pressing email(s) to reply. Then, I forgot to reply. Communication went dead. S/he thought that I did not want to respond, when the actual thing is that I could not find her/his email.

I often ask people to send me email again if I do not respond to the email in a certain period of time, say in a week. Most people think that the request is strange. No. I don't mind people send me multiple emails. Just to remind me that I have not responded to the email. Send me again ...

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