Sunday, December 28, 2014

Running Out of Google Storage

I've been using Google mail (gmail) for years. Obviously, I use picasa also to store my photos. Currently, I am having a problem with my (mostly email) accounts. It almost reaches the 15 GB limit.

I use my gmail as my main communication media. Students sending assignments are kept in my mailboxes. Every semester I have betweet 30 to 100 students and I've been teaching more than 15 years. The storage is definitely becoming a problem. What bugs me is that I have only 8000 (or so) mails in my mailbox and that has reached the maximum free storage capacity.

What to do? Delete emails? Or, should I upgrade the free account to the paid one?


Yus Uf said...

You can create new gogle account and share a folder with write permission.

joni said...

if u have budget just try upgrade it, but for me better if i delete the expired email that i dont need to see again hehe
salamkenal pak lecture :)

duniaku said...

you can upgrate it