Friday, March 20, 2015

Too Many Things To Do

There is a classic reason why I have not updated this blog, busy. Yes, I've been too busy with many things. No, really, I am not trying to make excuses. I am truly, really, busy.

Sometimes, I wonder why other people seem to be relaxed. Nothing to do. But, then again I could be wrong. They might be busier than I am. Although, I doubt that. I know that there are people who are as busy as I am, and some are busier, but most people have simple things to do.

Being busy is a choice. I cannot blame others but myself for being too busy. So, I guess, I should enjoy being busy. This is a good problem.

Meanwhile, I should find time to blog again.


Anonymous said...

artikelnya bagus dan mudah di mengerti..

Mebel jepara said...

Maaf bos,komennya pakai bahasa indonesia.Bisa paham bhs inggris,tapi tidak pandai menulis dengan bahasa inggris.
Terkadang sibuk itu menjadi sebuah keinginan pada diri seseorang,termasuk saya pada waktu tertentu.

hotbuy said...

just take your time bro, real is more important than cyber..