Tuesday, March 03, 2015

What to do with spammers (and backlinkers)?

I hate it when people comment on my blog, but they don't actually want to comment. What they want to do is to put their link(s) into the comment so that they generate traffic and backlink to their site. It's one of those SEO thingy. Yes, I notice some of you are doing this in this blog.

One thing I notice is that they don't actually read the posting (article). They just post their comments blindly. I suspect, some of them are also using some sort of tools to do it. Thus, it doesn't matter if I say this bluntly or not. They'll never read it anyway. If you do read this post, don't put comments unless you mean it.

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Raditya Dika said...

it is true, the majority of the backlinkers just want to make a famous website only uphold the link only.

Raditya Kumal - Indonesia