Sunday, January 08, 2006

Eddie Izzard is funny!

Earlier, I posted a blurb that I want to do a stand up comedy. Ronny was kind enough to point out that there is this "Eddie Izzard" guy (or gay for that matter, ha ha ha - sorry if this is a bad joke) that I should check out.

Sure enough, he is hilarious! Funny as hell! I listened to "Dressed to kill" (with my headphone on) and was laughing by myself. I hope nobody was looking at me. Otherwise they'll think I am crazy.

I want to get more of his stuff. Maybe some good soul is kind enough to send me some of his stuff? ha ha ha. Fat chance!


ronny said...

Orang yg belom tau stand up comedy biasanya jadi suka kalo udah liat Eddie Izzard, apalagi kalo dikasih nonton "Dress to Kill" duluan.

Lainnya yg bagus: Glorious dan Definite Article. Pasti ada di torrentspy gitu2 pak.

Wahyu said...

Saya jarang sih denger stand up comedy, tapi saya punya satu MP3 album lengkap miliknya eddie murphy :D