Monday, January 09, 2006

I am on newsvine

Ronny gave me a link to, so I took the bait. Now, I am on newsvine as (I've got to inform Priyadi to add this to Planet GBT.)

It's still at beta stage and I am still learning what it can do. Basically, you can read/write news or just "seed" news (point to an article or news). It is a social news agregator (isn't it?). We'll see how it goes. Access to it seems to be very slow. Last night I even got "HTTP/1.1 error." (update: now, I tried to open a couple pages and they are still not coming - while I am typing this entry.)

Care to join? Or would you wait until they fix the performance?


ronny said...

It's a mix between slashdot, digg, google news, aggregators, ad reward programs, etc. I'm still learning as well.

Try not to invite just anyone, they have a reward/punish system depending on how the people you invite contribute to the system.

Oren said...


I am looking to get a newsvine invite. If you don't mind sharing one, please mail it to oren.almog at


andy said...

I have some extra invites, if anybody is interested, let me know, visit site to contact or email: blogvp at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

i'm from switzerland and i'm desperately seeking a newsvine invite! anyone has one for me? merdict at

Priyadi said...

hmmmmm, newsvine RSS-nya di sebelah mana ya?