Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Current UNIX market share?

I am looking for references that show current (and possibly) UNIX market share. Especially, I am interested to see the composition of these UNIXes:
  • Linux (which distro?)
  • AIX
  • Sun Solaris
  • HP UX (does this have a future?)
  • others?
Basically, there are people and companies who are planning to migrate (or stick) to UNIX but they want to get the global picture. Pointers, anybody?


Anonymous said...

Sumodirjo said...

saya googling dengan keyword "UNIX market share" salah satunya dapet ini pak :

kelihatannya masih banyak tapi kalau yang paling valid yang mana saya kurang tahu. kalau sudah dapat semoga bisa diposting diblog

adinoto said...

Mac OS X is a Unix too :D

ikh said...

Ya XANDROS ajalah!..
..*ehm*.. ;-)