Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Songwriting moment

Yesterday I invited some friends to come over to my office after hours to just jamming. My idea is to have friends and write music. A friend brought his guitar. Another one brought his voice. Another one provided his office space :D

Well, it didn't turn out as I expected. I thought we could write songs, toss some ideas, and the like. But, we ended up just playing around with music, sang some cover songs - unfinished most of the times, and basically just did everything but wrote songs. Maybe everybody was so shy to toss ideas. I did toss some of mine, but the others were not interested in songwriting. We were just having fun.

A friend told me that I should do the songwriting alone. Once it is done then it could be discussed in public. I guess he is right. Although, I thought getting together would generate ideas and fresh view. I guess songwriting is a private process.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

yes, songwriting is almost always an individual affair...
why? because most of the time, the person would probably be writing about something that the person felt deeply and passionate about...experiences which another being would not be able to comprehend...

budi said...

But there are examples "Lennon & McCartney", "Hall & Oates", or "David Foster with ...", and so on . So, there are good song writing teams.

That was my idea (which is not new at all).

Ramon Gonzalez said...

Songwriting should always start out as a personal project, but never eliminate the possibility of co-writing. Other minds can sometimes open up new ideas and phrases you would never have thought of on your own. Keep trying. It does work.
Sydney Skyler Music

budi said...

Thank you to all who posted comments. Thanks to Ramon Gonzales for the pointers. I am browsing your web site right now. Good stuff.

Jeff Oxenford said...

Songwriting can be a individual or group affair. It all depends on your approach. I have written numerous songs with my partner and daughter. In those cases the final outcome blends our perspectives and in some ways are stronger songs.

Most times I find it easiest to write a song by myself. However, when the muses flows with a partner, its just great. The biggest key is to set up your cowriting experience.

I discussed co-writing in my blog. Check it out.