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Information on Indonesia

Gadzillion years ago I had a web site called "The Ultimate Indonesian Homepage." Okay, okay, I was exagerating. It was not gadzillion years, but it was a long time ago. It was in early world wide web year when even Mosaic was not born yet.

The web site is aimed at people who are looking for information about Indonesia. At that time there were little information about Indonesia. I thought the web could help tourists or visitors to find information about Indonesia before they go there. It was a simple web site - heck, the biggest excitement was flashed text, ha ha ha - but it was a good one. It was even listed in some books.

After I went back to Indonesia, I still managed that web site with different domain name. At the end, with the help of Chandra Liem, we settled with I was not too busy, so I had the time to update the web. Remember that there was no content management system at that time. So I had to code the web site in HTML directly. Hah.

Now, time has changed. I am too busy doing many things and Chandra Liem has passed away. The web site is kind of abandoned. The domain name is gone. Had Chandra Liem still alive, he would have called me and asked me why the web site is not being updated. He was good in that sense, push people to achive things, serving people. Oh well. It's a shame that nobody is providing information about Indonesia. I still have my passion in it. It's just I don't have the time to do it. I guess I just have to make time. I want to re-create that ultimate homepage again. I'll make time to do it. Wish me luck.


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