Friday, June 08, 2007

PhD's nightmare

I was reading comics at Ha ha ha! The comics are so true and funny. They brought back memories of my grad school years. Ha ha ha. Well, you have to be there to understand the joke. Grad school years are so cruel.

One thing I noticed in the comics is that the "actor" (the PhD student?) has a beard. You know, it occured to me that I had a beard when I was doing my PhD and so did my friends who were also doing PhDs. Wierd. Is this a commond thing? The comic is so acurate in that sense.

You know, I've never met a person who had no problem doing his/her PhD. Hmm... It's something to think for those who want to enter grad school.

Now, I am on the other side of the fence. Ha!


avianto said...

The beard guy is actually the prof/advisor, Prof. Smith. All the students are clean-shaved =).

But true, Grad school are cruel!

budi said...

I think the grad student has a (goatie) beard. Look in the last comic, for example, where the wife asked why she's not in the acknowledgement. Or in earlier comic, where he mispelled his name! heh heh heh.

avianto said...

Ah. Mike =). Goatie doesn't count as beard and beside he's already graduated! *alasan* Well, he *could* count as the student because he seems never finished his thesis (just finished it lately in the comic).

Anyway, it's a really good (and funny too) comic strip. It was the *must* read for all of my grad school classmates - beside our own bibliography, of course.