Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Clash of Culture

Sometimes I feel like I am trapped in rocks and hard places.

I am an Indonesian, definitely an Eastern culture, but, I began mature in a Western society (Canada to be exact). I am glad I had the chance to see the best and worse of both worlds. I am trying to pick up the best of them, but it seems that best is not good enough.

What does "best" mean in another culture? When I tried to do something, sometimes the result is not what I expected. Rejections! It's not the content, but how I did it that created problem(s). It's a cultural thing.

There's a clash of culture in my body ...


Chandra Moon's Other World said...

Hi Budi is this the blog you want linked or one of the others?

Queen of Sadist Planet ♥ said...

Yah, well, that's us, human. We clashed in every each side of our life.

And best things in a culture isn't necessarily right in the others... :/

Jennie S. Bev said...

Very nice reflection. As a person of three cultures (Indonesian, Chinese, and American) I often feel the dizzying effects in almost all areas in my life. At this point in life, I've started to somewhat distill the best parts and create my own persona based on whatever I find virtuous and conscientious.

And I thank you for this honest posting.

budi said...

@Chandra Moon.
Yes, Chandra Moon ... this is the blog that I want to link with others.

@Queen of sadist planet and Jennie, thanks for the comments.