Friday, September 21, 2007

Jose Mourinho is out!


I have not had a chance to watch English Premier Football League (EPFL). The reasons is that Astro (a satellite TV operator here) took an exclusive license to the English Premier League and I am using Indovision (Astro's competitor). EPFL is no longer available in my TV. Grrrr...

Now this. Jose Mourinho, Chelsea's coach, is out. I've just read it in a newspaper. It is still not clear to me what's the fiasco all about. Anybody?

Chelsea is my favorite team. Definitely Mourinho's departure will effect Chelsea performance. They have had a tough time last season. They don't need this. Argh. What can I do? Switch team? Not yet!


Willy Sudiarto Raharjo said...

I think it's his relationship with the BIG BOSS in Chelsea. It's an old story that the manager and the big boss is not in a good relationship after the big boss disagrees the budget for buying new player and forced to buy Shevchenko. There has been a rumor that he had a fight with John Terry also, regarding of his performance lately.

Yes, IMHO, Chelsea's performance will be slightly affected by this, i'm pretty sure about that.

kardjo said...

Wow.. we are 'The Blues' fans.
I think the-special-one is a pivot point of Chelsea FC. Without him, EPL rating will be slightly falling down. I'm sure about it.

I know I'm very surprised for this case. He is Chelsea. Chelsea is him.

But, We must looking forward and expect a new special character to build up the rest.

I prefer Deschamps or Scolari to be my best candidate.

Here is my top 10 rank:
Deschamps, Didier
Scolari, Fellipe
Eriksson, S Goran
Lippi, Marcello
Santanna, Tele (if not too old)
Hiddink, Guus
Klinsmann, Juergen
Capelo, Fabio
Advocaat, Dick
Beeanhaker, Leo

Is my rank look great??

Rustamaji said...

Pak Budi,
You are not a good Chelsea supporter. If you were, you would have replaced your Indovision disc with ASTRO and not miss a single Chelsea match.

Anyway, I'm happy that Jose Mourinho quit just before Chelsea face Manchester United tommorrow. I bet Chelsea's performance will be very bad tommorow making it easier for MU to beat them.

budi said...

Dear Rustamaji, I am not going to replace my disc just because of Chelsea. It's a matter of principle. Persaingan tidak sehat akan berakibat buruk sehingga tidak boleh didukung.

balidreamhome said...

Hi Pak Budi,

It is sad as Mourinho is one of the best coach at BPL who has a charisma and highly respected by the team member...and I think this will resulting the gradation of Chelsea performance along the competitions and I am sorry that I feel now a little bit unexciting to watch chelsea team, wish all the best to the special one !! and as a matter a fact he is the "One" adios Mourinho...

ario dipoyono said...

Yah... barangkali si ho.. ho... itu dah capek

mathematicse said...

I think Chelsea is not Chelsea anymore without "the special-one".

"The special-ne" is the best coach I have ever seen. :D