Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Flock slow

I have just downloaded and installed Flock I expected that it should be a lighter version of Firefox.

It does start faster (at least that's how I feel), but then when I open many sites (blogs) in several tabs, I can feel it's crawling. I don't know what's happening. It doesn't do that with Firefox. So, I am a little dissapointed with Flock.

How's your experience?


mBu said...

AFAIK, flock is wy much heavier indeed. And the strength isn't the performance, rather its capability to deal with social activities on the web.

Akhmad Fathonih said...

There has been patches which tries to reduce memory usage by reworking the image storage mechanism as mentioned here: http://primates.ximian.com/~federico/news-2007-09.html#07

It just too bad that we have to use git to try it. Not that git is bad but bandwidth is. I don't know how much MiB history we have to pull out with it.

I myself have tried via CVS way, apply the patch with a little fix afterward. It compiles, however, I don't know wether it does really help or not. The numbers on Federico's page spoke it's true but I have no other tool at the moment other than my "reliable" feeling ;)

I think you should take a shot. Just assign it to one of your student if you can't found the time needed to do it yourself ;)

Gitu aja kok repot :D

ranti said...

It does crawl after a while. I read somewhere about memory leak problem, but I'm not sure how it can happen. Perhaps your concerns should be voiced to them as well.

I use it for "social activities" purposes, e.g. blog directly to my wordpress, interact directly with flickr, mash google map, etc.