Friday, February 01, 2008

Losing My Mind

Things are happening so fast these past few days (weeks?). I have to do too many things. (Right now I have to write three documents in 1 hour!) I am losing my mind. I made too many mistakes.

Like last night, I turned on electricity to water pump in our house and forgot to turn it off until the next morning. Usually it runs for 30 minutes or 1 hour. This time I let it run for 6 hours! I hope I didn't break it.

This morning, I thought I lost the key to our door (gate to be exact). The whole family was looking for the key. Finally, I found it in the pocket of my jacket! Great! It's official, I am an ass.

What's happening to me? Weary ... I think I need a break!


Anonymous said...

Pak Budhi yang baik.
Bagaimana caranya agar sembako stabil, ndak usah turun, tapi jangan naik.

nyari duit di internet said...

sabar pak...sabar

Ary Santosa Yudha said...

biasanya lagi banyak pikiran tuh pak! emang pak budi lagi mikirin apa? mikirin burung kesayangan mati kayak pak Zaenal Ma'arif? atau mungkin mikir pengen kawin lg? hehe...becanda ya pak, jangan dianggap serius ya,hehe..