Monday, February 25, 2008

Tagging and category (in blog) do not work

Recently, I've been writing many things in my blog(s). I used to write things related to information technology (IT). It is not exclusive on IT, but IT is the main theme.

Now, I am writing different things; live, music, poems, business, religion, and much more. (I don't think I will write about politics, though.) When I write about different things, I use category (a feature provided by the blog provider - eg. to indicate the type of my articles. I also use tags or labels to add some keywords and also to indicate the content of my articles.

This, apparently, is not good enough.

There are people who complained that they only want to read (my) articles that are related to IT, for example. Filtering based on category / tag / label is not good enough.

On top of that, my blogs are aggregated in many sites. Those (aggregator) sites take all my articles. They don't filter the articles based on the type of the content. So, in an IT aggregator site, they also see my poems and my articles about life.

One possible solution is to have multiple blogs. Each blog is dedicated to a certain topic. I have taken this road. I have more than a dozen blogs and most of them are active. (No, I am not kidding. I write a lot.) Again, my readers don't like this approach. If they want to read my articles (not specific to a certain topic), they have to jump from one blog to another. They don't like this (obviously).

I use planet to agregate my own blogs - called PlanetGBT - (thanks to Priyadi for providing the service). But, it is still to "complicated" for my readers. On top of that, I use multiple blog providers (wordpress, blogspot, multiply, ...) to host the blogs. Sometimes readers must have accounts in those providers to give comments. This is another problem. They don't want to create more accounts. Having one blog account is (confusing?) enough for them.

Complicated, eh? One thing is clear; tagging and category don't work as expected.

I am still going to write many things in a blog. Yeah, I will get (more) complaints for this.


avianto said...

How about create different RSS Feed according to category or tagging? Then people could choose which feeds they want to subscribe or even better for 'planet', it could just aggregate the relevant feed.

Just a suggestion.

IndraPr said...

Pak Budi, you might want to try consulting Harry Sufehmi on this matter.

As Avianto has pointed out, we can actually have specific RSS feed for each category/tag. From what I understand, Harry has made some arrangement with Ronny to have only his articles related to IT being fed to Planet Terasi. So his other articles outside the IT category will be excluded.

I believe what Harry did is to provide a more specific RSS feed only for articles on a specific category (e.g. technical or IT-related) to be syndicated on Planet Terasi.

snydez said...

dari sisi pemosting, memang ada baiknya ngasi feed untuk category tertentu,

tapi dari sisi pembaca feed, ada baiknya benggunakan yahoopipes, atau untuk memfilter rss mana aja yang mau dibaca.

2 arah tentu lebih bagus dari 1 arah aja :)

uwiuw said...

iya juga mulai merasakan hal yg sama saat ide-ide kita inginnya dipisah2 ke dalam banyak blog...itu susahnya kalau hidup 24 jam jadi observer karena akan terus banyak yg dilihat...ilham ada dimana-mana...temen2 sy aja ada 4 yg namanya llham...alaaah OOT

tapi enakya kalau kita bisa customize blog kita sehingga feed dlm kategori tertentu tidak bisa ditampilkan oleh aggregator atau oleh technocrati atau tidak sengaja ikut terkirim melalui email ke reader2 kita yg udah ekspek kalau tulisan kita itu harus begini dan begitu

fiksi said...

for blogger user, maybe this link could help :

it helps us to create spesific feed for spesific label/category. but once again, it works only for