Saturday, September 06, 2008

Students Blogs

It's that time of the year (again). School is back. I am teaching a couple courses this semester; one for undergrads and one for grads.

As usual, I ask my students to create blogs. Assignment should be written in their blogs. They have to have blogs. No option :) Before, I had to bring papers home (and back to the office) if I want to mark their assignments. Now, all I have to do is access the net.

It is interesting that most students mix personal writings and assignments. To me, this is interesting because I can see the other side of them, not just the technical (assignment) aspect only. Yeah, I have to go through some unrelated posts, but that's ok. Sometimes I even find interesting writings.

So, my students, keep on writing!


Irfan said... teaching system...hahaha... :)

toshi said...

obliging your students to blog? what a great idea! :)