Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Teaching New Course

Just to let you know that I am teaching a new course this term. It's an "Introduction to Information Technology" course.

You think that this is an easy topic for me, eh? Apparently not so.

Well, I am familiar with the topic, but I have to follow the class according to the textbook. This is also a paralel class, which means I have to sync the class with the other classes.

Since this is a new class, I have to prepare the course material. There are some power point presentation files from the publisher of the textbook, but they're ugly! (I don't understand why a good publisher could release such a crappy presentation materials.)

Anyway ... I have to work hard(er). As if I have nothing else to do. Grrr...

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Balinese Dances said...

congratulation n good luck