Sunday, December 12, 2010

Do I miss winter?

Bandung is so cold this morning. I posted this in my facebook status and then there was a question, is this winter? or is this compareable to winter? Obviously, it is not comparable. Especially, if we were to compare this to Winter in Winnipeg (place where I lived for a while).

Now, do I miss winter? I don't know the answer to this question. There were times that I hate winter with passion. But, there are times when I remember the good winter times. Especially, spending time with friends and family.

Once in a while I do get dreams about winter time. I don't know if you could interpret that as missing winter. So to answer the question, my answer would be ... maybe :)


Multibrand said...

Bandung is not as cool as it was 35 years ago. Now it's not so different from Jakarta.

No wonder you missed winter time in Canada.

drefanmor said...

Winter in Bandung name "usum ngijih". Appropriate if the moment comes is bandrek and blankets :)
But now the season has been erratic same uncertain situation the city that never quiet. Is that right yes ??

JohnMurdock said...

missing winter too, but its not make me nt enjoying summer time...:D
Ah hey, but m in Desember, winter's turn