Friday, December 31, 2010

My photo gears

This year I've been blessed with new photo gears. They are:
  1. Pentax Optio H90 (pocket camera)
  2. Nokia N8 (cellphone)
  3. Nikon D3100 (DSLR)
I bought the Pentax as a replacement for my great Samsung L730. My daughter took the Samsung. Pentax Optio H90 is an inexpensive digital camera, yet it can produce great photos.

The next one, Nokia N8, was given to me as a gift. The quality of its camera is superb. It even beats the Pentax. Of course, N8 has 12 Megapixels and Carl Zeiss lens.

The next one is Nikon D3100. I've always wanted to have a "real" camera. After asking questions and reading various reviews, I decided to get Nikon D3100. It's a great camera.

So now, I have no excuses but to produce great photos. Now, if I can only do that ... :)


cryptocode said...

ok. waiting for the masterpieces :)

Anonymous said...

this a really masterpieces...

Anonymous said...

Tweet Deck... Don't know if it's available for Symbian though