Sunday, February 23, 2014

WhatsApp vs Telegram

I guess I congratulate WhatsApp too soon. Not long after WhatsApp is bought by Facebook, the system went down. (At least a couple times here in Indonesia.) As I mentioned in previous post, many Indonesians are using WhatsApp for many things (as a backup of SMS/text msg).

When you depend on a system and the system is down, you're angry. And in this particular case, looking for another solution. Fortunately, there's Telegram. I am pretty sure that MANY Indonesians are installing Telegram right now. I do. This is the moment for Telegram to seize the day. I am pretty sure that their traffic will increase significantly. (And perhaps for Twitter or Google to buy Telegram!)

One of the features Telegram puts forward is secret chat. With the new Snowden-era I am sure that many would like this feature. Although, Indonesians are not so into privacy. Cost - in this particular case, Free - is the main feature. Second is small footprint (so it can run on inexpensive devices). Way to go Telegram.

and now, let be go back to my cellphone and configure Telegram.

Update: It is confirmed that many users are rushing towards Telegram. And, it caused Telegram problems. Ha. (See their twitter status and this: they were getting 100 requests per second.)

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