Saturday, May 29, 2004

Burning midnight oil. Again ...

That does it. I am burning midnight oil. Again!

Here I am, back from Bali, facing a stack of things to do. The priority ones are two proposals that are due on Monday. I could not delegate these to other people since nobody wants it (proposals that are going to benefit other people, not yourself directly) and currently I don't have a structure underneath me. (This is another topic all together.)

If you follow my schedule, which some spilled into this blog, you'll see that I am too busy doing so many things. This thing is bound to happen again and again. One of these days I'll be more selfish and say NO!

The problem with these reports is that I have to do some thinking, contemplating, ... and back to thinking. Some of the things in the proposal need a vision. Research direction. I don't want them to be just another useless proposals. Or worse, proposals that when executed do not contribute to anything. Why waste my time if it does not have a meaning or contribute to a better quality of life.

One thing good about this is that I could listen to my collection of tapes, CDs, MP3s while writing the proposals. But I have to find the proper songs to create a conducive environment. While I am at it, I am converting my cassettes into MP3s. It's a lot of work, but I could do it in parallel with writing these proposals. I converted 37 songs! All those late 70s or early 80s Indonesian pop and rock songs. (Mostly from Prambors radio, "Lomba Cipta Lagu Remaja". Not bad.)

Ok. Enough goofing off. Back to the proposals... the story about my Bali trip has to wait.

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