Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Finite Automata or Finite State Machine Tutorial?

I was teaching an engineering class the other day, and notice that my students were lost when I mentioned Finite Automata or Finite State Machine. I guess I have to give them a brief introduction to Automata. Can anybody suggest a good reference on FA (preferably available on the Internet)? One that can be presented in one (2-hour) class.

On a similar note, I am also looking for a good explanation on BNF notation.

I forgot where I learned those things, Hopcroft & Ullman perhaps? (but this is to detailed for my students).


rofiq said...

Wikipedia ? But I think it can be a starting point.

I got bad mark at this subject too in college, I would love to read your education research result on this subject :)

Anonymous said...

Halo pak,

Coba di site-nya ANTLR ( http://www.antlr.org/doc/getting-started.html )... Saya yang gak pernah baca buku finite automata aja kayaknya bisa ngerti dikit-dikit dari tutorial2 yang ada disana.