Friday, April 29, 2005

How to remove information from the Internet?

When you published information on the Internet and Goggle & Yahoo have found it, is it possible to remove it? Here is the case.

Our friends from Canada (Richard Lewko and Evelyne Bemben) were listed as still missing from the Tsunami dissaster in Thailand. Fortunately, they are alive and well in Canada. They were not in Puket at that time. They were in other areas. Their names are listed in web sites, such as:

I have asked the web masters to remove the entry or to add comments that they are alive and well in Canada. Let see how it goes. In the mean time, I'll add the following information.

Richard Lewko and Evelyne Bemben are alive and well in Canada.

I hope this information is found at the top of Google & Yahoo search engines. They are getting a lot of phone calls. I hope this information can clear that.


Bayu said...

Just wondering, how long google or any other search engines will keep an information in their cache? any idea?

aprian said...

Pak, kalo mo remove site yg udah diindex sama google bisa dilihat disini :

Mau remove satu web, atau mau remove satu page bisa.

Mudah2an membantu.

Anna said...

This isn't enough tough:-). With google I mistakenly search for "Lewko and Evelyn Bemben" and it comes up with the missing-person-appeal webpages, your webpage is not there...