Saturday, April 23, 2005

Simon Singh's newest book: Big Bang

The first time I read Simon Singh's book was "The Code Book". That book is about the history of secret messanges. It is a very readable book. I enjoyed it very much. He could explain complex things in an easy to understand, without too much watering them down. This is the same approach I take in my teaching. How do I explain this complex things (formula, ideas, concepts), so that my students could understand?

Then, I realized that he wrote "Fermat's Enigma," which is also very readble book. Again, I enjoyed the book.

Last week, while wandering around in a book store, I stumbled upon his third book, "Big Bang: The Origin of the Universe." It's the hard cover edition. A bit expensive and too big for my knapsack, but I just had to pick it up. So I did. Now, I just have to find time to read it. I think I am going to enjoy reading this book.

By the way, you can visit Simon Singh web site for more information.

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