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Write, write, read, teach ...

Yesterday, I spent my whole day writing. I updated two books I am working on. I only got 15 pages though. The first book (on formal methods) was written in LaTeX and I have not used it for quite a while. I kind of stumbled here and there trying to memorize how to do things. I had to open a couple of books on LaTeX and browse CTAN. There were also a lot of equations to type. That didn't help.

The second book, on information security, was a breeze to type but a lot of information I have to digest and type. I got around 10 pages on this one. Enough writing, or so I thought. Wrong!

Today, I had to write again. But this time, I wrote draft of research reports and a proposal. (There are plenty proposals to write in the queue. Clients are waiting.) Again, a lot of typing and reading here and there.

Late afternoon, a huge and heavy package arrived. It's from San Francisco. Pak Chandra Liem sent a huge box of books through pak Eddy Budisanto who are coming to Indonesia to visit his family. It's really heavy. Perhaps around 50 kg? I couldn't imagine how pak Eddy got this through. I mean, it's really heavy.

Inside this box I found many excellent books. Books that I wanted to buy. I feel like a child in a toy store. So many to choose. Mucho thanks to pak Chandra and pak Eddy. It's reading time. Now, where do I start.

Oh, no. Tomorrow I have to give presentations the whole day. We are conducting what we called "sharing vision" discussion regulary, every other week for the past two or three years. It's a high-level discussion attended by high-level management, executives, directors, owners, high rank officers. This event is (always) organized by pak Dimitri Mahayana and his excellent team. I guess these books have to wait until tomorrow evening.

As for all of this, I have to think. Is "write, write, read, teach" a good sequence? I got the impression that it should be "read, read, write, teach". What do you think?


Triwil said…
first one... first one...

I think .. it should be
read , read , write , teach
read , read , write , teach
read , read , write , teach
on so on..
.. continuesly learning .. and improving ...

because .. in writing and teaching there is an implicit .. needs for base of knowledge either from books , own experience , experiments..

on the other hand ..
we will have a complete understanding when we could write and even teach a subject ...
we will not have a complete understanding of a subject until we.. can with confidence write and teach... a subject...

hope the spelling is right.. :))
ok.. enough comment.. back to work
I have a lot of programming to do...
Bayu said…
Could you share the book titles please. I love books too... need some info on new good books..
adinoto said…
arrgh.. i'm too lazy to read books :((
for all my life i only finish a book or two :((
Sumodirjo said…
Just a book or two for a CEO Mr Adinoto? I think *imposibble*. BTW, I love books too. I said I love book not reading;-) but it would be nice if you list your new book here Mr Budi and after read a book write something like summary here
ronny said…
Have you tried LyX? I didn't come from a LaTeX background, but I feel that it's powerful enough that I could do many low-level LaTeX things while it's also easy enough to use that I can just concentrate on what I write without worrying too much about how to do certain things.

Except for doing decent looking tables. I gave up on that one, I usually used a spreadsheet to save time and attach it to my paper later on.
It's not only you who should thanks to Pak Eddy. He brought me a broadband router for my SOHO.. hehehe

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