Friday, April 08, 2005

Write something worth reading for

I don't write blog entries as often as I wanted. I'd like to write more, but there are too many things to do at this point in time. And another thing, writing takes too much time and effort.

I have this believe that if I write something - be that a blog entry, an email, a book, a poem, a short story, a comment, or even a one-liner - it has to be worth reading for.

I have taken your time (to read) and my time (to think and write). Time is so precious. We cannot take it back. I have no patience with people that are taking too much time to get into the point. So, whatever I write it must be direcet and have an impact, a meaning, or touch our hearts and souls. If not, it's useless. Don't bother writing it down.

As a result, I am not as productive in writing as I want to be. But, it's alright. A small number of ideas, but potent!


Anonymous said...

>I have no patient with people that are taking too much time to get into the point.

Mas, mestinya "patience", bukan "patient".

budi said...

Done. Sudah diperbaiki.

budi said...

Just in case you're wondering, I wrote a related article back in 2001 or 2002. It's called "Writing Cr*ap". You can get it from my main web site at in the articles section.

Or if you're lazy, here's the direct link.

patzpulp said...

sometime talking about nothing could be interesting too, don't u think???? hehehe:p

U intrigue me... don't know why.. hehehe, good day!!

3Will said...

hemmm.. good principle in an ideal environment... :) .. but i think rather than .. just talking and hearing. We should have not and should not worried what other people think or what we think about other people comment about our writing. write what just come to our mind. Just write be it good or bad because our culture and our education do not emphasize on writing composition they tend to an "oral" culture .. :)) Anyway it is good to have a "center" .. someone that when they write we always know it has been thought off very deeply.. thanks...