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Starting-up again?

Last week, we had a discussion. The topic was starting an IC (Integrated Circuit) Design company. This topic was not new for us. We have been discussing this for quite a while. I remembered that in 1998 I wanted to start this kind of company, right after I got back from Canada. But, at that time nobody was interested. So, I switched to other field, security and never look back.

The topic came up because of pak Trio Adiono. He came back from Japan with his experience in designing chip. He was also able to get synopsys toolset for his design group at our university. (I maintained synopsys when I was a grad student. It's a damn good tool. Of course, you still need other tools to do other things). Now, we were toying the idea of starting up again. The thing is, we know that we are good. No, I am not saying this just to brag. We are really good. It's a shame if we just use our talents at university only. There are chips to design that are useful for humankind (and business of course). We just have to test our engineering ability.

There are problems ahead of us. For example, how do we convince industry that we are capable? Test us first with a small project? How do we become part of the industry? (Over the span of 7 years, we have talked to various companies small and big such as Atmel, Sagantech, ... but no follow-up. There was always something that happened, like bomb in Jakarta or Bali. That killed our business opportunities because people think that it is like that in all parts Indonesia. In fact, most parts of Indonesia is just like heaven.)

For me, personally I have invested my time and effort in another field. I have started a successful company. It was not an easy journey for me. I am not ready for another start-up roller coaster. As investor, perhaps? But not as one of the founders. The thing is, if we start this start-up, we need a strong team and I may have to be part of it.

What do you think?


Ollie said…
Belum nge-review TABULAS, pak? :)
A really good idea indeed, however the current prospect for such industry in Indonesia would be little as compared to that of IT sector. The real problem with setting up an IC design company is the lack of infrastructure required to support such sector. Setting up an IC design company means that the existence of fabrication labs in the proximity of the design company itself (considering a fabless design company). Further, considering a non-fabless design company, it is nearly impossible to implement such industry without considering the tremendous amount of financial cost to be incurred. Therefore, it is very unlikely for Indonesia to attract IC design tool companies, for example Cadence or Synopsys, to invest their products in Indonesia, given the lackness of infrastructures related to IC design industry. Either we build our own or use the open-source tools would help to solve the problem, however neither way is sufficient to make Indonesia survive in the bigger market, for example Singapore, or Malaysia.
irwansyah said…
Hmmm... this is high tech industries business you are trying to dicsuss with. to be success on this industried is not easy, a lot of things need to be considerate. Capital of course, update tools and so on. On top of that is the market (you need the user which need your services).

The AFTA will heading us. Free zone trade and services will be implented here soon. I believe you can try your skill in Malaysia, Singapore and perhaps Thailand. I believe if you can provide a cheap price thats not imposible for you to success even that is not your country.

Salam perkenalan from me Irwansyah.
Anonymous said…
@IC Designer

do you think Russia have all what you've worried about?

kunil said…
For IC_Designer :

Nonsense !!

The key is uniqueness (or special niche market)..There are so many people that have experience in IC design. But you'll need to prove in what part of IC design that you're really master (that very a few people in this world can do this)..

This is the Samsung's way. Samsung was just export-import general trading company. They entered electronic business by producing silicon wafer..

It was years before they can find their true capability..memories..Even Intel itself failed in memory chips industry. But this is the reason why Samsung went into memory chips production.

Today, Samsung is the largest SDRAM manufacturer in the whole world.

So, find your uniqueness!!

It's not impossible !! It's always a possible for they who have their dreams within.
estananto said…
without you, pak Budi, this dream will remain as dream...
zakiakhmad said…
Siap-siap tidur 3 jam sehari Pak Budi? Network Security + IC Design.

Two thumbs up!!!
Anonymous said…
Pak Budi, you as well as everyone else are already familiar with Globalization 3.0 (Thomas Friedman, The World is Flat). I think, you need the "A" factor: Adrenalin. So, if you believed in this book, what do you worried about? If you think your ideas is a sexy-lady-killer one, why don't start the business in Taipei, Shanghai, Don't get lost inside the geographical contraints. By the way, Ever heard about "Not Invented Here Syndrome?" click here . This is just to remind all inventors that big enterprise sometimes get trapped inside their innovation center. Their time is fully occupied to search for the ultimate innovation but at the end they end up losing to much time developing it. These gaps is the market for people like you.

By the way, what Marvell has to say about your ideas? I think Pantas Sutardja as one of the US Bullionairs, (if he still care about his origin) can be a great help for people like you.

Andrie Trisaksono

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