Thursday, February 09, 2006

Firefox does not allow port 21?

This morning I am experimenting with this URL:

Apparently firefox (flox, and the rest of the pack) would not allow me to open the site. It says:
This address is restricted

This address uses a network port which is normally used for purposes other than Web browsing. Firefox has cancelled the request for your protection.

Try again.
What if I understand the risk and I am doing it on purpose (I am redirecting port 21 to a web server as an experiment to by-passing firewall)? Can I bypass this protection?

I tried other browsers, and only Safari (on a Mac) allows me to do it. (Don't know whether this is good or bad.) Any comments on this?


Sumodirjo said...

Bukannya sudah lama pak seperti itu? saya belum paham kenapa kok dilarang pake port langsung.

idban said...

pak budi salah :)
coba pake ftp:// bukan http://

budi said...

Ada beberapa orang yang menyarankan agar saya menggunakan "ftp://" bukan "http://". Jawaban saya; saya bukan mau FTP tapi memang mau akses HTTP.

Jadi, sebetulnya saya mau membuat web server tapi pakai port 21 :) (ini dilakukan untuk mengelabui firewall yang hanya memperkenankan port 21. he he he.) Jadi, protokolnya tetap harus pakai http.

Sebetulnya lebih jauh lagi ... port 21 ini saya pakai untuk redirection ke port 80 di internal LAN. (Pusing? hi hi hi)

Priyadi said...

idban: itu kan sengaja :)

Priyadi said...

oh iya, saya nemu ini: , solusinya ada di situ

budi said...


Tnx. Jadi tahu caranya. Hanya, caranya gak manusiawi. harus edit file user.js sendiri. hik hik hik. Mestinya ada di menunya lah.

ialexs said...

hayo..siapa yg mau bikinin extension nya? utk edit user.js itu :)
ayo dong (he he he ngomporin doang bisanya)

idban said...

komentar di juga menyebutkan solusinya tanpa mengedit .js

"Found a fix for my port issue, add a string key on the about:config page called “” and set a comma-delimited list of port numbers."