Wednesday, February 15, 2006

My Teaching Gears

Most of classes in my university are still conventional classes. Here's a picture of my teaching gears; backpack (with textbooks, notes), power bar (there's only one electrical outlet in the class!), Apple iBook G4 (or sometimes, Fujitsu Lifebook), LCD projector. Good thing I don't have to bring my own table! Oh yeah, sometimes I bring a set of speakers too. It feels like doing a (music) gig.

Sorry, the picture is blurred. It was taken with my Nokia cellphone with little light. Posted by Picasa


dare said...

cukup lengkap , majuuu perut pantat mundurrr :)

zakiakhmad said...

Semangat-nya Pak Budi tidak bisa ikutan di foto juga sih. Wah gak rugi deh ikut kelas Pak Budi.

imtinanika syahara said...

Keep in spirit sir! I beg your kindess to share your tips for being like you..
I'm a student of Ibn Khaldun University in Bogor..