Friday, February 10, 2006

Looking for (edu-tech-biz) activities in Singapore

My daughter is going to school in Singapore. So, I will visit her frequently.

While I am in Singapore, I thought I should not waste my time and talent. Perhaps it is useful to others. I am looking for activities that are related to my field / skill. I am interested in doing a part time teaching (at NUS or NTU perhaps), or giving presentation (in security, technology, education, motivation, and what not), or just having discussions with Singaporean technopreneur communities, or expanding opportunites (opening a company in Singapore?). I am interested in learning about Singaporean's approach in developing the country, which I think is sucessful. While learning, I would like to contribute to Singapore too (if possible). (I believe in contributing to communities.)

My fellows (and foes?) at my current university are wondering whether I am leaving the university. I said, "in due time ... in due time ..." Currently, I still have students (1 undergrad, 3 masters, 1 PhD) and 4 courses to teach. (Yup, right ... 4 courses.)

Information about myself can be found in my web site ( - the education section has a formal information) or a collection of my blogs (

Any ideas or suggestions? Or ... just hang around? Or just read books in library? (Relax? I can't. Perhaps, I am a workoholic. I need something to do.)


estananto said...

I do agree if you open a VLSI design company in Singapore or Malaysia, which outsources jobs to Cimahi/Bandung:-)

Anonymous said...

I do agree if you teach in NTU ^^

Donald Latumahina said...

I agree that Singaporean's approach to development is successful. One think I notice recently is the number of MIT students from Singapore compared to Indonesia. I know it's a weak parameter, but I think it's interesting. Such a small country like Singapore has 70 students at MIT while Indonesia has only 14 ! I really hope you can learn some of their secrets and share them with us here :)

IndraPr said...

Kang Budi,

When was the last time you visited Singapore? "Sudi Mampir"-lah if you're going to visit your daughter in Singapore quite often. :)

Anonymous said...

to Pak Donald
the reason is simply "Kiasu"ness of the ppl here. The competition here is very tight. Ppl tend to compete for simply nothing. You might sometimes be surprised when you see some secondary students spend their day in McD studying instead of go "tawuran" or "ngejunk".