Monday, December 11, 2006

Everybody wants a piece of me

Yes, it's that time of the year(?) again. Everybody wants a piece of me, again. I mean it in a good sense. Here's the deal.

Many people phoned me, sent me SMS, email, etc. They wanted (and still want) me to give a seminar, presentation, answer interview, write an article, or whatever. It seems that these people have deadlines to meet. I guess it's the end of the year again, where people must submit their progress report. Some of them even have (leftover) budget to spend. Or, to be exact they have to spend the budget but don't know what to do. The easiest thing is to do a seminar. :D

Anyway, I am busy myself with documents to write (review, read). For the last few days (about one month, to be exact), I haven't had a chance to read newspaper! They just come and move from my to read stack to papers to throw.

I still write blogs though. The thing is, I make it a habbit to write everyday!

So, people, if you ask me to do something and I decline, you know the reason. I am just so bogged down and could not help you. Please understand...


Bayu R said...

Why don't you recommend other people who can replace you in such seminars?

Or there's no one as good as you ;p.

You keep on talking about how busy you are etc etc, which is understandable.

So, who will be on your suggestion list?

Barry said...

Don't you think it is time to start a consulting firm? Start hiring some people to do some administrative duties, so that you can blog freely? :D

budi said...

Well, I did (and still do) recommend other people to replace my place in many seminars. Some of the people I recommended (such as pak Dimitri, pak Armein, pak Khairul) were also busy people. ha ha ha.

To Barry, I do have a consulting firm. But, most of the things that bother me are not administrative in nature. For example, reviewing/commenting books / articles / journal must be done by myself. Or writing an article, this must be done by myself (although part of it, eg. the research has been done by my staff),

Rayu-Angin said...

[hem...i will say a little prayer for u...]

"GOD, please give him more strength..."

**any kind of 'strength'

[i think u need it :D soalnya hal2 terbaik lainnya sebagian udah Tuhan kasih u/ Bapak...]

ayu wening said...

heylow.. I'm the one [of two] who asked u to take picture the previous week

pak, fotonya udah di-transfer nih. Bapak mau dikirim??

budi said...

untuk ayu wening, foto diemail ke account saya yang di saja. terima kasih.