Friday, December 08, 2006

On becoming a celebrity

This month I appeared in a couple (I think more than that) magazines. The funny thing is that I didn't know about it. For example, I was waiting for a train in Jakarta's train station and my eyes captured a glance of a magazine. In the cover there was my name. What they hey? So I bought the magazine. Oh, it was an interview I did a month ago.

Then yesterday, a group of undergrad students smiled at me and showed me their thumbs (good thing it was their thumbs, ha ha ha). I asked them what made them excited. They told me about interview in another magazine, with a picture of me holding a guitar and an Apple iBook. (Look at the picture below.) Oh, that was another interview I did last month with Oskar Syahbana.

Untuk majalah Teknopreneur

A few days ago I did presentation for a telecommunication operator. Next week I am going to do another one. Lots of people to please. ha ha ha. Phew ... becoming a celebrity is not easy. People talk to you and you don't know them. You're in a disadvantage position. But, that's life.


ronny said...

In Iraq, the thumbs-up gesture is considered a faux pas, akin to giving the middle finger in western cultures.

Anonymous said...

celebrity is a real commodity, isn't is?

Barry said...

wait until people start asking for your signature. you definitely will miss your train, your lunch, your sleep :D

ayu wening said...

waduuhhh gak sabar nunggu kejadian ini:

"woy woy dosen gue tuuhh!!!"
"iyaaa ituh yang di tipiii"
"yang lagi bikin pers conference ituuu loohhh"

wekekekekkekek :P *kebanyakan nonton infotainment*

anyway, u look much younger in reality than in the photograph looohh

Rayu-Angin said...

[bayangin dulu...]


u can make them all under your influence, Sir :D

seleb je...

[kebayang...nikmatnya bisa bikin orang2 melakukan hal2 yang Anda inginkan, karena mereka memuja...]

MaIDeN said...

gitarnya bagus *kabur*

joko said...

ready for famous.