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Not finishing reading books

For the last few months I have not been able to finish reading a book. This makes me feel guilty. But, what can I do?

I think I am in this position because:
  • I've got too many things to read, not just books;
  • (newer) books keep coming;
  • the book cannot keep my interest to keep on reading until the end (does that mean newer books are not that good compared to old ones? I don't think so);
  • I've got (new) things to learn quickly, which means I don't have the time to read details in the book;
I used to enjoy reading books cover to cover. I even finished reading a book in one day (during weekend). Some of the books made me forgot what I was supposed to do (my job). Ha ha ha. They captured my full intentions. Ah ... those moments.

Can anybody suggest a good book to recapture that moment?


Barry said…
What about listening to audio book instead? Many people are doing that nowadays. Or even podcasting? I know this book might encourage you not to feel discouraged after abandoning previous readings.
budi said…
Barry, you are right. Some people have already suggested that to me. I know at least 2 friends who are doing that. But, for some reasons I don't feal like listening to audio books. I worry that the speaker did not catch the idea of the book or even direct me to the wrong idea (by the intonation and such). I know I might be (AM?) wrong, but that's just how I feel.

I guess I should give audio books a try (again).

Thanks for the comment.

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