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Guitar Heroes

My kids bought "Guitar Heroes" games for their Playstation 2. It's a game about following guitar (rhythm, lick, beat) by pressing the proper buttons. The songs they have to follow are (classic) rock songs, such as "Smoke On The Water" (Deep Purple), "More Than a Feeling" (Boston), and many more.

After playing the games they asked me if I can teach them to play guitar. Hah! Finally. I taught them a few basic fingering and (three finger) picking (ala classical guitar players). It was hard. (What can you expect in one lesson?) Now, they appreciate their dad. Hah! I showed them "smoke on the water" and they were impressed.

Last week, they bought the sequel - "Guitar Heroes 2". It has more great songs, such as "Carry On Wayward" (Kansas), "YYZ" (Rush), "Surender" (Cheap Trick), and a lot more. Woohoo... More great songs to teach them.

To bad, we are going on a vacation today (planning to travel to Malaysia and Singapore). We could not bring guitars... Lesson(s) must wait.


Oskar Syahbana said…
Mr Budi, do you use the "guitar" that comes from Guitar Hero? It's more fun to play with the original guitar rather than just the keyboard :P
Dimas said…
Whoaa ... surely you could combine rock music together with advanced security system, sir ! :) As a matter of fact my brother has the same game as your child and he also plays guitar a lot.

Best regards from your former advanced security system for graduate student. And thanks for your knowledge sharing through lectures :)

mata leo said…
you are really a 'guitar evangelist' beside ,ofcourse, an 'IT evangelist'

i can tell from your posts.. ;)

keep posting sir.
Anonymous said…
I think it's a great idea to teach a lesson.

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