Sunday, May 13, 2007

Cleaning up the mess

There are too many things (activities) that depend on me. So, when I am unavailable things go not as smooth as expected. Sometimes, they went haywire. Well, what can I do? I have to clean this mess. I am still responsible for these.

It's not that I want to control everything. On the contrary, I like delegating things to other people, but they are not up to the par. I know that sometimes they (the ones who are getting the tasks) are overwhelmed (by the things that they have to do). Yes, some of the tasks require hard work, smart work, persistent, and closed ears (and eyes?). That's what I did and do. Other tasks are perhaps too easy that they are ignored (or put off).

I've got to clone myself, but I've got to clean this mess first. Phew ...


ranti said...

Training them is probably a good start. :-)

ephi said...

About 'subpar', you might be comparing them to yourself. :)

We can do a specific task in 5 minutes, but our underlings might take about 5 hours to accomplish the same thing. We have self-motivation, but they might not have it. I can go on about the qualities that we have and maintain and they don't.

What I usually do is, to set up a time frame and set out general stages they need to fulfill by a certain date. I require them to send me reports every week to see their progress and talk to them whenever they have problems.

I like to have feedback, feedback, and more feedbacks, no matter how terrible they are.

If they don't do it, I'll give three chances and tell them when they're at fault. After that 3 chances are gone, they're out of the team. :(