Friday, May 18, 2007

Rock in the morning

(I was going to write this in my other blog - one that's focused on my music stuff - but it was very slow. In fact, it didn't come up. The problem is connection on my end. I decided to write it here. Sorry for the out of flow.)

This morning I decided not to jog but sit down in front of computer instead. What a bum. I do have a reason (if you can call it a reason). I decided to play around with some music stuff. This and that, I ended up viewing Aerosmith DVD, "You Gotta Move".

I've got this Aerosmith DVD for quite a while and didn't have a chance to view it. I was too busy doing many things. So, this morning I decided to view it. Damn! It is great!

There are two things that make me excited with this DVD. First, the shows that were recorded were excellent. You can see the audience was excited and so am I! There are shows that just suck. You don't feel the energy. This one, you can feel the energy. It's like trying to explode. Man, I just want to have gig like that - with audience that gets crazy. Well, you know what I mean. I had this gig once that was like that. I could see the audience jumping around with me, pointing their fingers at me. (No, not that finger! ha ha ha.) Man, it felt great. Instant gratification!

Second, there are lots of background talks, images, sounds, about Aerosmith. No, it is not about the history of the band, but examples of how they practice and have fun. This is what I want to know and learn. This is a great DVD. I could see that I am playing it again and again.

I've been in many bands. Many times I didn't feel the energy. It's like the persons in the band are not having fun. It feels like they are forced to do it. Why? They are too tight. Too serious? I don't get it. Don't you want to have fun playing the music? Why doing it if you don't enjoy it?

Oh well. I am still searching ...

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