Friday, May 11, 2007

OpenOffice 2.2 bugs?

I've been using OpenOffice 2.2 in my GNU/Linux Ubuntu 7.04. My impression is that it is so buggy.

Importing Power Point documents takes forever (well, close to 5 minutes). I thought it was a specific Power Point file and specific to my notebook, but I saw it also happened to a friend of mine (on a different notebook and with a different file). So, it is not an isolated problem. When I tried to save the particular PPT file to OO format, OO 2.2 crashed. Of course, when I tried to recover the file ... it took forever.

There was also an occasion where my OO session crashed and it tried to open Writer.

This problem didn't happend when I was using OO 2.0. Should I revert to the older version? Or, is there a cure for this problem?


Willy Sudiarto Raharjo said...

bisa coba minta filenya pak? Saya coba ditempat saya dulu

kalau memang masih berlanjut, mungkin bisa dimasukkan kedalam Bug Trackernya OOo

sueisfine said...

Bug report on Launchpad:

I suspect this could be the same problem right?

Agustinus said...

Pak, file itu bisa dibuka dengan OOo 2.0 atau 2.1 nggak? Kalo bisa, berarti bukan bug di OOo 2.2, tapi bug OOo secara keseluruhan.

Anonymous said...

Solusi jitunya adalah dengan beralih sepenuhnya ke format Open Document, tidak lagi menggunakan format Excel, Word, dsb. Format open document didukung oleh lebih banyak software daripada format Excel, Word.

Developer open source kan nggak diberitahu format tersebut. Bisa dibuka sebagian aja udah luar biasa.