Thursday, August 30, 2007

Indonesians Angry at Malaysia

It's hot ... Nowadays, Indonesians are angry at Malaysia. A few days ago, an Indonesia was beaten by Malaysian Policemen. The victim was in Malaysia on a Karate competition. He was a referee in the competition. He was accused as an illegal worker (eg. construction worker?).

The beating was unbelievable that he was hospitalized. It's a miracle that he didn't die there.

I recieved an email another story. Again, this was about Malaysian's Police brutality against Indonesians. (But, as a side note, somebody also told me that they did the same thing to Malaysians!)

How could Malaysians do this to us, Indonesians? I just cannot imagine. I love Malaysia and Malaysians - I have many Malaysian friends - but this incident has created some doubts for me.

Could somebody in Malaysia enlighten me? (and bring our trust and love back?)

A more complete story is available here (but it's in Bahasa Indonesia):


ojat said...

It's a dilemma when it comes to a such problem. I was in Malaysia when we had (I guess it's not ended yet) problem with Ambalat block. What happened there was not as hot as in here since the mass medias are controlled by the government. My Malaysian friends even had no idea what really happened. I couldn't generalised the problem that all Malaysian are bad.

However it's become my concern too that I feel a need to support our government to take some actions regarding this problem. We've been too much hurt by Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Like indonesia police, any police can be a bit brutal when provoked. The coach ran when stop by malaysia police, the police chased him, the coach tried to show his self defence skills but was beaten. Should i ran from indonesian police if they stop me? unless if i do somethingwrong. Should i fought back and not been beaten? Many malaysians were treaten by indo police but never go to mainstream media, and go into boycotting.

Dedhi said...

To anonymous,

AFAIK, the police who stopped Donald were in civilian clothes, not a uniformed one, and went out from a van, not a standard police patrol car. Being stopped at 2 a.m. in the morning, by people you do not know and they did not declare their credential, what will you feel? Safe or threatened? At least in Indonesia, the raid for illegal worker is done by uniformed police force. AFAIK also, some of the raid done Malaysia towards illegal worker in the construction site were not done by police, but by civilian, which behaves like thug. Forgot the name, Barisan something.

BTW, I work in Penang, and reading the Malaysian Straits Times around 2 months ago, I read that there were an incident that 2 Indian national IT worker also being apprehended and "kidnapped" to police station. The stupid thing I can read from that news was that those Indians can only speak English, where the police can only speak Malay. When the request by the police onsite to produce the identity (in Malay), the English/Tamil/Hindi professional cannot understand, thus they are brought to police station harshly.

So this is not the first time right? Becoming the regular modus operandi eh?