Monday, August 13, 2007

Watching my Diet

Yesterday I had to watch what I eat. My family and I went to Pascal Hypersquare food arena. I ordered "tempe mendoan," "baso tahu," and "martabak San Francisco." Sorry no screenshot. I forgot to take pictures.

In the evening, I didn't feel that good. No, I was not sick, but just didn't feel alright. Maybe it was because I ate too much (with that kind of food). ha ha ha. So, there was no dinner for me. Just fruits. ... ouch!

There's a saying that goes something like this; "When I was young, I could not afford to buy (fancy, expensive) food. Now I have the money to buy, but I am not allowed to eat that food (because of age / health)." What can you do?


Dian said...

Woow...baca tulisannya aja udah jadi ngiler... mau dong Martabak SF-nya...
How I miss it...

probodj said...

Why do you often use the term "screenshot" when referring to photographs of life objects (as opposed to recorded image as seen on a computer/monitor screen)?


budi said...

Why screenshot? because it's kinda a joke in a local community. :D

There's this story. One of the guys was working with his computer and there was a bug (ant?) on his screen. Somebody said, get a screenshot. Everybody was quiet for a while, then laughter ... (Get it? How can you get the screenshot of the ant? he he he.)

A similar thing happened during our meeting. We were using screen projection (projected to a wall) when there was also a bug walking on the projection. "Get a screenshot" everybody screamed! ha ha ha.

So now, whenever we want to take a picture, we call it screenshot. ha ha ha. That's the story.