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Singapore Dreaming

Yesterday, I watched a movie called "Singapore Dreaming." I didn't know what to expect since I know nothing of Singaporean movie landscape. One thing I had in mind when I decided to watch that movie is that I want to know how Singaporeans live.

The movie is a about the lives of a Singaporean family. Granted this is just a movie, but I could see little things that are true to Singaporeans. Like a mother who scolded her son because he got 95 in his exam (while others got 100). Singaporean is like that, I think. Yes, living in Singapore is stressful. Then, on the radio there was a story about maid abuse.

The family is an ordinary Singaporean old couple, living in public housing. They have a daughter and a son (who is coming from the States, he studied there) and their family. It was about hardship, about how to keep bread on the table, but also about wanting to be rich or better living. I want to tell more, but it'll just spoil the movie. You've got to see it yourself :) ha ha ha.

I enjoyed the movie. It shows me how Singaporeans live. It also makes me greatful with my life here in Indonesia. We are fortunate that our lives are better than the family in the movie. Thank God for that. But, that doesn't mean that most Indonesians are living well. I think, most Indonesians are somewhat in similar situation with the family in the movie, just trying to survive.

At one point, I wanted to do something in Singapore (open a business, research center, or making some kind of contribution there, like teaching in the university - I am great with teaching and motivating people!), but I am needed here in Indonesia. I have to build this country.

The reason I am interested in Singapore, it's because my daughter is going to school there on a scholarship. The Government of Singapore has been kind to us. In some way, I feel that I have to repay their kindness. I also like their vision. Singapore is a great country. Hopefuly, the two countries are in good friendship.

As for the movie? I'll give 4 stars out of 5.


Nurantoro said…
Hi Pak Budi

Some singaporean think that indonesian means shopping and orchard road. Taxi driver felt akward when we went to singapore science centre.
Jennie S. Bev said…
A very constientious posting, Bang Budi. I admire your decision to build Indonesia. People have different callings, wishes, and desires. Sometimes the one that we keep is the one that's right.

I can tell you have a very good heart. May I extend my gratitude to you.
Anonymous said…
Well, let me tell you the gov vision and scene, it just recently that the Singapore govt want to boost the singapore population up to 6 millions, this is the requirement to achive their goal to become so called "a global city", because more and more singaporean talent are going overseas, hence, now they lack of people and talent to build their glamour city, they encourage many foreign talent to work or study in Singapore easily, once they fullfil all those requirements, they will become global city with the casino and the F1 Racing glamour, and ofcourse will generating more revenue and profits. that's the goal, so please, there's no point to feel that you owe them something, they should thanks to you, because you let your daughter contribute to their economy boost. They know how to calculate things.

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