Monday, October 22, 2007

Old tape: Classic Rock

Going through my old cassette tapes, I found this old gem. London Symphony Orchestra and Royal Choral Society play some classic rock songs. The title of the album, sure enough, "Classic Rock". Take a look at my tape.

It's almost 30 years-old! It's actually my uncle's tape who lived in our house during part of his university live. I believe he bought it in 1978 or so.

At that time, all of Indonesian tapes are copies made from vinyl records. Intellectual property rights was not an issue back then. So the label of the tape is actually a local label.

The "cover art" is actually a photo, cut to the size. As time goes on, it "melted" and sticked into the plastic cover. Maybe it's the humidity that made it worse? I don't know. I can't barely read the text in the bottom.

The quality of the tape is good actually. I can still listen to it, but I rarely played cassette tapes these days. I can only do that in my car. I listen to music through my computer or iPod. I guess I have to find the digital version of songs in the tape.

Want to know the content? Here's a picture of it.

I took the sleeve out. You can see that there's no cover art, because it sticks in the plastic cover. :)

Take a look that those songs. Those are great classic rock songs. Can you identify them?

The songs are great and London Symphony Orchestra did a great job playing those songs. I remembered I used to listen to this tape to create a soothing environment while studying. You gotta have it.

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djoko dwijono said...

Wah, Ing saya jadi inget kumpulan cassette yang udah ketumpuk di lemari gudang.... mulai jamannya michael frank masih muda, mulai spirogyra masih culun,.. & then there were three masih dibungkus rapi.. tks ngingetin saya